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Engage with your members on a deeper level!
Access all the tools you need to manage your community with exceptional ease!

Retain customers by rewarding them and growing your community

Here are 3 reasons why ...
Positive Word-of-Mouth

Satisfied customers who receive rewards are more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth recommendations, attracting new customers to your business.

Increased Engagement

Rewarding customers keeps them engaged with your business, leading to higher levels of interaction and participation.

Brand Advocacy

Customers who feel appreciated through rewards are more likely to become brand advocates, actively promoting your business to their networks.

When you take care of your customers, they will reward you with increased business sales and increased profits in return.
- Pooja Agnihotri

Available Features

We have a wide variety of features available for you to use!

Unlimited Advanced Codes
Create and distribute unlimited advanced codes for promotions and discounts.
Product Management
Effortlessly manage and organize your product catalog with our powerful tools.
Bulk Import Products
Save time and effort by importing large quantities of products items in one go.
Unlimited Vouchers
Create and distribute unlimited vouchers to meet your business needs.
Voucher Insights
Gain valuable insights on your voucher usage and customer behavior to optimize your marketing strategy.
Direct Credit (Scanless Credit)
Rewards patrons directly without the need to scan a code.
Patron Insights
Access valuable data on your customers' behavior and preferences to improve customer engagement.
Custom Points Currency
Create a personalized loyalty program with your own points currency to reward and engage your customers.
Membership Management
Easily manage and track your membership program with our user-friendly platform.
RSVP Management
Streamline your event registration process and keep track of attendees with ease.
Social Media Management
Easily set up your social media sites so your patrons can find you.
Custom Data Capture
Capture and store valuable customer data with customizable forms and fields.
API Access
Integrate our platform with your existing systems using our flexible API.
Exportable Reports
Generate custom reports and export them in various formats for easy sharing and analysis.
Team Members
Collaborate with your team by adding and managing team members on your account.
Role Management
Control access and permissions for your team members with our comprehensive role management system.
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